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Dr. Dwight M. Scherban

6th Level – American Bando Association
2nd Level – Bando Boar Animal System
6th Degree Black Belt – Yon Hsin Karate
5th Degree Black Belt – Kokondo Karate
4th Degree Black Belt – Kyokushinkai Karate
Certified Instructor – Hwa Yu Style Tai-Chi
PhD – University of Connecticut, Economics
MBA – University of New Haven
BA – University of Hartford
Introduced Bando to Connecticut

Dr. Dwight M. Scherban is the Master Chief Instructor of Glastonbury Martial Arts, and the Recognized authority in this country for the Bando Boar Animal System. Dr. Scherban has authored a book and numerous articles on the Boar System, and has been declared Master of this animal style by the Bando Grandmasters. Dr. Scherban is responsible for the growth and development of the Boar System in the United States, and is the only exclusive Saya (Teacher) of this system. In addition, Dr. Scherban has trained and taught the Cobra, Tiger and Eagle systems of Bando.
Dr. Scherban has been studying the Martial Arts for over 40 years and has been a certified instructor for over 30 years. He has taught thousands of students over the years in a variety of disciplines, most notably, Bando, Karate, and Tai-Chi. Dr. Scherban studied Kokondo Karate under the tutelage of Mr. Paul Arel, a martial artist and accomplished self defense expert. Mr. Arel and Dr. Scherban developed the Kokondo style into a very successful system producing some of the best martial artists in the area. During this time, Dr. Scherban also studied Jiu Jitsu with Mr. Chuck Mason, Judo with Mr. Arthur Dorman, Tai-Chi with Mr. Chen Li, and Jeet Kune Do with Mr. Bruce Lee. It was during this time, (late 60’s) that Dr. Scherban developed the self defense techniques and open hand and full contact fighting style that won him many trophies and tournament victories. It was during one of these tournaments in 1970 that Dr. Scherban first encountered Dr. Gyi of the Bando System
Dr. Gyi recognized that Dr. Scherban was a unique martial talent, and an individual who could be trusted with the integrity, demands and the responsibility of an animal system; a person who could help spread the principles of Bando while maintaining the basic tenets of the System. Dr. Scherban has risen to the rank of 6th Level in Bando and achieved the 2nd Level in an Animal System, and is recognized as “Master” of the boar System.
Dr. Scherban and his students have won countless medals in forms, weapons, sparring, and kickboxing. The Connecticut Bando drill teams have won numerous medals at the National Tournaments, and Dr. Scherban has trained and promoted over 30 Black Belts f Dr. Scherban has dedicated his life to teaching the martial arts and to helping individuals realize their true potential in life, through the balance of proper training, proper nutrition and spiritual serenity.
Classes in Bando, Tai Chi, and Tai Do are taught at Glastonbury Martial Arts at 122 Naubuc Avenue in Glastonbury, the same place Dr. Scherban has taught since 1974. For information regarding Bando, Tai Chi or Tai Do, please call (860)657-1653, or stop in at the Glastonbury Martial Arts Center (NAP Bro) at 122 Naubuc Avenue in Glastonbury.

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