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Tai Do The Fun Way To Get Into Shape

Dr. Scherban, who has been teaching Bando and Tai Chi in Glastonbury for the past 31 years, has recently opened up the Martial Arts Experience to a new breed of practitioners with his aerobic training classes in Tai Do (comprehensive workout).
Dr. Scherban felt there was yet another group of people who would benefit from Martial Arts Training; People whose needs would demand less of the Martial and Art, but still benefit from the Training. These people would not want to uniforms, belt ranking system, and physical interaction associated with the Martial Arts, but still would want to train in a fun environment with a style that affords them a great workout, and an opportunity to learn self defense and self reliance. For these people, Dr. Scherban has developed Tai Do, a fun way to get into shape without the boredom of traditional Health Club workoutsand the hype of the Gym Scene,
Tai Do is a workout! It is fun, and a learning experience. The workout is intense, sweaty, and vibrant. A typical class starts out with some gentle loosening up and stretching. Then, hold on to your seats, as you wrap your hands and don your gloves, in preparation for the next 45 minutes of non-stop, aerobic kickboxing action. You punch, kick, jump, and get fired up, all the time, hitting the heavy bag and releasing those aggressions and inhibitions. The time will go by quickly and you'll feel great, a kind of relaxing fatigue that comes with knowing you're getting in shape. You are learning to defend yourself at the same time. The class winds down with some more relaxing stretching, and weight training. You'll need your towel and water now, for you just pushed your body to its limit (for today) and are on your way to total health, and a beautiful body.
Tai Do is fast paced and exciting. Beginners can fit right in and jump and wallop the bag at their own pace, The instructors are trained aerobics and martial arts professionals who have developed a systemic, yet fun way of training. You'll learn how to punch and kick, while you develop your aerobic conditioning. Clothing is whatever you chose to work out in, along with the boxing gloves and hand wraps for protection. You will get into shape and learn some self defense at the same time. You'll feel good about yourself, and what you are doing. Check it out today!

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